Garda controversy: More than 80,000 more breath test results entered in Sligo Leitrim and Donegal divisions

Gardai in the Sligo Leitrim division entered 76% more breathalyser test results into the Pulse system than were carried out at checkpoints.

The level of over-reporting in the Donegal division was 61%.

The figures are part of the regional breakdown that is emerging from two reports released by Gardai this week.

Concern is growing about the level of over-reporting of the number of breath tests carried out on drivers between June of 2009 and the 10th of April of this year.

The figures are revealed in a table in today’s Irish Times which shows that over 48,000 MORE breathalyser test results were entered into the Pulse system during this time in the Donegal division than were recorded on breath test devices.

While over 32,000 MORE entries were made by Gardai into the Pulse system in the Sligo Leitrim division during that time.

But the over reporting rate is higher in Sligo Leitrim at 76% while it’s at 61% in the Donegal division.

The figures reveal a huge difference in the levels of over-reporting by Gardai in the different regions ranging from the worst levels of in Tipperary at 385% compared to a figure of just 9% in Kerry.

According to a report in today’s Irish Times, investigators looked at several factors such as differences in the number of checkpoints carried out in various divisions and changes in garda personnel in an effort to explain the discrepancies.