Donegal County Council is confident all allocated money will be spent

Donegal County Council says it is confident all money allocated by the Department of Rural Affairs will be spent in the coming months.

The Council has been responding to a query from Ocean FM News after Minister Michael Ring’s comments earlier this week criticising Local Authorities for failing to spend money he had allocated to them.

Minister Ring told Ocean FM News that he had often been lobbied hard for this money and now he was in a position where he had to ring Councils to warn them ‘to use it or lose it’.

Following on from those comments Donegal County Council has issued a statement saying that it received a letter from Minister Ring on this matter and has sent a comprehensive reply outlining the progress made under the various Rural Development programmes.

Donegal County Council says it’s confident that monies allocated to the County will be spent over the coming months and this has been outlined in detail to the Minister.

Ocean FM News is awaiting a response from Sligo and Leitrim Local Authorities on the matter.