No emergency inhalers available at schools despite introduction of new scheme

More than 10,000 children with asthma in the north west will be returning to school next month.

And in most of their schools, there will not be easy access to an asthma inhaler.

In Donegal, about 6,500 children with asthma will be going back to school, about 2,500 in Sligo, and 1,200 in Leitrim.

Now, the Asthma Society of Ireland says every school should have an asthma in their First Aid kit in case of an emergency.

The society points out that two years after a new scheme was put in place by the then Health Minister Leo Varadkar, not a single school has received an emergency inhaler under the scheme.

The society adds that this, together with some teachers’ reluctance to give asthma medication, is putting children’s lives at risk.

Society CEO Averil Power says it’s a serious situation that needs to be dealt with: