Minister who battled dsylexia ‘an inspiration’ to students

With CAO points for various third-level courses having been announced this morning, Leaving Certificate students throughout the region now know what courses they can or cannot do.

But of all the advice on offer, it’s perhaps worth considering that from a government minister who is in Sligo today.

Until three years ago, Minister Kevin ‘Boxer’ Moran couldn’t read or write, having for years battled with what turned out to be dsylexia.

It was only recently that he revealed his struggle — and his openess and honesty has since been described as ‘an inspiration’ to others.

He admits himself that such was his desperation at one point he nearly took his own life.

But he insists there is help available for people.

And speaking to Ocean FM News today, he has this advice for Leaving Cert students and young people in general.