More than 26,000 people in region live on their own

More than 26,000 people in Sligo, Leitrim and Donegal are living on their own, according to the most recently-released CSO figures.

The most common type of household in the region is that with a husband, wife and children; they make up a total of almost 124,000 people.

However, there is a wide variety when in comes to household types in the region.

More than 15,600 people live on their own in County Donegal, more than 7,000 in Sligo and almost 3,800 in Leitrim.

There are more than 9,640 households with a husband and wife in Donegal, 4,218 in Sligo, and 2,164 in Leitrim.

In Donegal, there are more than 2,800 people cohabiting as couples while the figure is 1,684 in Sligo and 830 in Leitrim.

In Donegal, there are almost 2,050 households where there are couples cohabiting with children. In Sligo, there are almost 880 such households and almost 420 in Leitrim.

In all three counties, the most common household are those with husband, wife and children — more than 18,700 such households in Donegal, almost 7,200 in Sligo and over 3,700 in Leitrim.

The figures also give details of other types of households, including where there are two or more family units.

There are over 500 of these hoseholds in Donegal with over 2,600 people; almost 130 in Sligo with 675 people; and 53 in Leitrim.

And when it comes to households where there are two or more non-related persons, there are more than 1,030 in Donegal, over 800 in Sligo and 188 in Leitrim.