Sligo councillor says people will not want to live in rural areas unless basic services are addressed

A Sligo councillor has warned that nobody will want to live or work in rural areas unless issues such as poor road surfaces are addressed.

Fianna Fail Councillor Keith Henry has called on the Minister for Rural Affairs Michael Ring, to expand the scope of the CLÁR scheme so as to provide funding for the upgrade of rural roads.

It’s also a call that has been made by councillors in other areas, including in Donegal and Leitrim.

Initially introduced by former Minister Eamon O’Cuiv, the scheme once included funding for roadways in rural areas but that funding was since phased out.

Councillor Henry said that people living in rural areas who pay their road tax are entitled to a decent roadway. He said that some of these roads have not been resurfaced in up to 20 years.