As it happened – Donegal suffer 15-point defeat to Galway

Galway booked their place in the All-Ireland quarter-finals against Kerry thanks to a comfortable defeat of Donegal in Markievicz Park on Saturday.

Donegal spent most of the second half with just 13 players after black cards for Michael Murphy and Martin McElhinney after Donegal had already used six substitutes.

Goalkeeper Mark Anthony McGinley was black-carded in the first half.

Patrick McBrearty top-scored once again for Donegal, but saw one goal effort smash off the crossbar, and also saw a penalty saved by Galway keeper Bernard Power (pictured above).


20:51 – ALL OVER Galway 4-17 Donegal 0-14 – a 15-point beating for Donegal in Markievicz Park.

20:50 – GOAL. A fourth Galway goal, netted by Danny Cummins, Galway 4-17 Donegal 0-14.

20:50 – Eamonn Brannigan points his third from play since coming on, Galway 3-17 Donegal 0-14.

20:49 – David Walsh and Cillian McDaid come on for Galway’s Bradshaw and O’Donnell.

20:47 – McBrearty taps over a free in injury-time, Galway 3-16 Donegal 0-14.

20:46 – Four minutes of additional time to be played.

20:45 – Gary O’Donnell gives Galway a 12-point lead once again, Galway 3-16 Donegal 0-13.

20:44 – McBrearty adds another score for Donegal before Galway introduce Michael Meehan off the bench, Galway 3-15 Donegal 0-13.

20:42 – Sean Armstrong points for Galway from a free after Jason McGee is yellow-carded, Galway 3-15 Donegal 0-12

20:40 – Danny Cummins replaces Michael Daly for Galway.

20:38 – Eamonn Brannigan points from play for the Tribesmen, Galway 3-14 Donegal 0-12.

20:37 – Eamonn Brannigan replaces Shane Walsh for Galway.

20:36 – Marty O’Reilly kicks his second point from play, Galway 3-13 Donegal 0-12.

20:35 – Patrick McBrearty’s penalty and follow-up effort saved by Bernard Power.

20:34 – PENALTY for Donegal after Martin O’Reilly fouled. Galway’s Cathal Sweeney black-carded – David Wynne replaces him.

20:33 – Michael Langan points a Donegal free, Galway 3-13 Donegal 0-11.

20:30 – Galway’s Declan Kyne sent-off on a second bookable offence.

20:28 – Martin McElhinney black-carded and Donegal down to 13 players.

20:26 – McBrearty points from play after Jason McGee fouled, Galway 3-13 Donegal 0-10.

20:25 – McBrearty smashes a shot off the crossbar after a long ball forward from Ryan McHugh.

20:25 – Michael Daly adds another Galway score from play, Galway 3-13 Donegal 0-9.

20:23 – McBrearty adds a Donegal score, Galway 3-12 Donegal 0-9.

20:19 – BLACK CARD. Donegal’s day goes from bad to worse as Michael Murphy is black-carded. Donegal, with all six substitutes made, will have 14 players for the remainder of the game.

20:19 – Martin O’Reilly points with his first involvement, Galway 3-12 Donegal 0-8.

20:18 – Martin O’Reilly comes in for Eoin McHugh and Ciaran Thompson is in for Hugh McFadden.

20:17 – Gary O’Donnell adds another score as some Donegal fans start heading for the exit five minutes into the second half, Galway 3-12 Donegal 0-7.

20:15 – Gareth Bradshaw points from play, Galway 3-11 Donegal 0-7.

20:15 – Johnny Heaney claims the first score of the second half, Galway 3-10 Donegal 0-7

20:14 – Neil McGee is yellow-carded.

20:12 – Two early wides from Donegal at the start of the second half.

20:11 – Second half gets underway with Galway 11 points clear. Karl Lacey replaces Kieran Gillespie at the break.


19:54 – McElhinney points shortly after his introduction, Galway 3-9 Donegal 0-7.

19:53 – Third Galway GOAL. Johnny Heaney with his second, Galway 3-9 Donegal 0-6.

19:52 – Two minutes of additional time indicated.

19:52 – Martin McElhinney replaces Frank McGlynn for Donegal.

19:51 – Michael Langan replaces Jamie Brennan for Donegal.

19:51 – Comer then booked for a foul on Eoin McHugh.

19:50 – Damien Comer gets in on the act with a point from play, Galway 2-9 Donegal 0-6.

19:49 – Ian Burke responds with a point from play for Galway, before Peter Boyle is forced into a good save to deny a third Galway goal, Galway 2-8 Donegal 0-6

19:48 – Murphy gets Donegal’s first score in almost 15 minutes from another free, Galway 2-7 Donegal 0-6.

19:45 – Paul Conroy adds another point from play, Galway 2-7 Donegal 0-5.

19:42 – GOAL for Galway from the penalty, through wing-back Liam Silke, Galway 2-6 Donegal 0-5. Donegal in trouble here.

19.41 – Black card for goalkeeper Mark Anthony McGinley, Peter Boyle from Ballyshannon comes on to face the penalty.


19:39 – Armstrong from a free opens up a four-point game, Galway 1-6 Donegal 0-5.

19:37 – Heaney follows up his goal with a point from play, Galway 1-5 Donegal 0-5.

19:34 – Galway GOAL from Johnny Heaney, Galway 1-4 Donegal 0-5

19:32 – McBrearty gets his and Donegal’s second point from play. Donegal lead for the first time on 16 minutes, Donegal 0-5 Galway 0-4.

19:30 – Murphy lands another free, his third of the day, Galway 0-4 Donegal 0-4.

19:28 – Michael Murphy feeds Patrick McBrearty for a point, Galway 0-4 Donegal 0-3.

19:26 – Mayo have prevailed by a point against Cork, 0-27 to 2-20.

19:25 – Sean Armstrong scores his third point of the day from a free, Galway 0-4 Donegal 0-2.

19:24 – Sean Armstrong scores from play, Galway 0-3 Donegal 0-2.

19:22 – Michael Murphy levels it up from a free, Galway 0-2 Donegal 0-2.

19:21 – First wide of the day from Galway U21 Michael Daly.

19:21 – Eoin McHugh wins a free and Michael Murphy points Donegal’s first score from the left, Galway 0-2 Donegal 0-1 on four minutes.

19:19 – Shane Walsh scores the first point from play, Galway 0-2 Donegal 0-0.

19:18 – Jamie Brennan effort drops into keeper’s hands.

19:17 – Sean Armstrong points a free in the first minute, Galway 0-1 Donegal 0-0.

19:17 – Game finally underway.

19:12 – Three changes to Galway team as Bernard Power comes in for Ruairi Lavelle in goal, Sean Armstrong is in for Eamonn Brannigan and Ian Burke starts in place of Danny Cummins.

19:10 – Two changes to the Donegal team as Mark McHugh and Jamie Brennan come in for Ciaran Thompson and Martin O’Reilly.

19:08 – Half-time of extra-time in Limerick and Cork lead Mayo by 2-19 to 0-24.

18:45 – With the Mayo v Cork game going to extra-time, the game in Markievicz Park has been pushed back by 15 minutes to facilitate television coverage.

18:38 – Mayo heading for extra-time in a qualifier for the second time this season after a late Cork goal earned the beaten Munster finalists a 2-15 to 0-21 draw in the Gaelic Grounds.

18:34 – Colm Keys from the Irish Independent tells Pauric that he believes Donegal will win based on the way they finished off Meath in the previous round.

18:27 – Declan Bonner tells Pauric Hilferty says he expect changes to the Donegal team, from the unchanged side named in the programme.

18:26 – ‘I think Donegal could shade this, but it all depends on what Galway bring to the table. It could be ten points all and extra-time.’ – O’Hara

18:16 – All-Star winner Eamonn O’Hara tells Ocean FM’s Pauric Hilferty that, with a poor crowd in attendance from Galway, the Tribesmen need to show heart and desire to bounce back from the Connacht final disappointment.


18:00 – Donegal claim an All-Ireland title in hurling in the curtain-raiser, beating Sligo by 1-14 to 0-12 in the U21 C final to lift the Andrew O’Neill Cup.