U.S.-based multinational firm buys Avenue Mould Solutions in Sligo

A U.S.-based company, G W Plastics, has acquired the Avenue Mould Solutions manufacturer in Sligo.

Founded in 1955, G W Plastics is a global industry leader in precision tooling, injection moulding and contract manufacturing.

It serves the world’s most successful companies in the heatlhcare, automotive safety and consumer/industrial markets.

Avenue Mould, founded in 1988, works with leading medical device and drug delivery manufacturers. It serves customers in the medical device, drug delivery and and pharmaceutical industries in more than 15 countries.

G W Plastics says its purchase of Avenue Mould will give it unparalleled capability to support customers on three continents.

G W Plastics President and CEO Brendan Riehl says Avenue Mould brings an experienced and highly-skilled advanced manufacturing workforce.

He described it as ‘an award-winning mould-building company, a growing medical device contract manufacturing business that has been successfully serving Ireland and other markers for 30 years.’

Avenue Mould Solution’s managing director and founder Felim McNeela says the business will continue to serve its existing customers as well as offer mould-building for customers who wish to do their own injection moulding.