Post mortems on fishermen to be carried out today in Letterkenny hospital

Coastal communities in Donegal say they’re shocked following the weekend deaths  of two fishermen.

The men – believed to be Lithuanian – were fishing off the coast when they tragically lost their lives.

Post mortems are due to be carried out today.

The body of the first man washed up on Malinbeg beach.

He had been fishing with a friend; it’s not known how the men got into difficulty.

The Coast Guard has confirmed the fishermen had no emergency radio with them, and mobile phone coverage is spotty at best in this part of Donegal.

Local County Councillor Niamh Kennedy says the deaths have been a real blow for the local community.

The Coast Guard also confirmed earlier that one of the men was not wearing a life jacket.

This local man said that often people not from the area can underestimate the power of the sea.