Significant Garda presence as work is carried out at Connaughton Road car park

A major operation has taken place at Connaughton Road car park in Sligo town today.

Gardaí armed with protective gear attended the scene as Sligo County Council carried out works at the car park.

A group working on behalf of Sligo County Council were called in this morning to replace a height control barrier which the Council states was removed from the entrance to the car park some time ago.

The Council states that a tree which is obstructing a traffic sign has also been removed today.

The tree was removed from a wall on the boundary of the car park.

A number of Gardai, armed with riot gear, also attended the scene and constructed a barrier around where the work was taking place.

An ambulance also attended the scene at Connaughton road carpark and while there are unconfirmed reports that two people were taken to hospital.

The operation has now ended – Gardaí and workers left the scene at approximately midday.

In its statement today, Sligo County Council has confirmed to Ocean FM News that the Council is maintaining contact with the McGinley family who live in the car park.

The council states it’s continuing to engage with the family in an effort to find a solution to their accommodation needs.

Members of the McGinley family did not want to comment when approached by Ocean FM News today.

It follows an incident at the carpark in June when the Council came to this public carpark to carry out work and were also supported by Gardai on that day.

There were attempts to obstruct the work being carried out.

Three people were taken to hospital. The family living there also turned down numerous requests to speak to Ocean FM following those events.