Campaigner hopes Constituencies Commission report will reunite Donegal

People in the North West are expected to find out very shortly what the Constituencies Commission will recommend on the future of the electoral boundaries in Sligo, Leitrim and Donegal.

People in this area made a number of submission to the Commission as part of their latest review which is due out by the 6th of July at the latest.

Claire Mulcahy reports:

The Sligo Leitrim and Donegal constituencies are of particular interest in the expected Constituency Commission report.

There is speculation that the report could be out as early as this week.

However, a Commission spokesperson said the exact date has not yet been set but they confirmed to Ocean FM News that it is due by the 6th of July next week at the latest.

Many submissions were made from this region by the deadline earlier this year at the end of January.

These include calls for the south Donegal area to be returned to the Donegal constituency and for west cavan to return to the Cavan Monaghan constituency.

Currently both are in the Sligo Leitrim consituency.

Valerie McNulty, of the campaign to have the South Donegal area returned to County Donegal organised a petition which was submitted to the Commission.

She says she is looking forward to seeing what the recommendations are