Speeding motorists in County Sligo among those who pay most in fines

Sligo comes 10th in the country in a list of counties where speeding motorists pay most in fines.

From 2012 to September last year, those caught going over the limit in County Sligo paid a total of more than €213,000.

But Donegal, which has a poor road safety record, does not feature in even the top 15 counties where the most fines were paid.

The figures are outlined in today’s Irish Times, which also reveals locations with the highest receipts for Go Safe speed vans.

In 2014, they included the N59 at Rathglass, Corballa, in County Sligo, from where more than €100,000 was collected.

In 2015, more than €112,000 was paid by speeding motorists on the N17 at Ballinacarrow.
The AA’s director of consumer affairs Conor Faughnan says people should look on speed checks as dealing with dangerous locations rather than trying to catch people;