‘Quirky’ Enniscrone businessman hits out at banks for being reluctant to invest in the West

Enniscrone’s quirky glamping project owner says the personal guarantees needed by the bank for his multi-million euro project are unattainable.

David McGowan made a presentation to Sligo County Council today outlining his determination to move forward with his well known plans for a multi-million euro glamping village in the west Sligo town.

He says contrary to what many people believe he’s not broke but he will not put his family at risk by meeting strict personal guarantees that the bank is demanding to grant a loan for the project which is expected to cost in the region of €2.5m to develop.

He says he hopes to progress the project despite making a loss on last weeks live on air festival in the town.

He hopes to develop the quirky glamping village into a major tourist attraction and says he is also exploring private investment

Speaking to Ocean FM at a meeting of the county council today where he made a presentation.

He said he could not meet the personal guarantee demands of the bank and says such criteria is hindering business and tourism development.

However he said he’s determined to move forward and make the project a success and hit out at the banks for being more reluctant to invest in the West: