More staff is what’s really needed to cut scoliosis waiting lists, says parent

The mother of a young man who has for years been battling scoliosis says waiting lists for treatment can only be reduced by having enough staff who are adequately trained.

Valus Robus, from Coolaney in Sligo, was speaking to Ocean FM News following the announcement by Health Minister Simon Harris of the publication of the HSE’s Scoliosis Waiting List Action Plan for 2017.

Scoliosis is a condition arising from curvature of the spine, which causes a variety of complications.

The health minister says the action plan is to ensure that no child needing surgery will be waiting more than four months.

There’s also to be a focus on reducing the number of patients who will be waiting 15 months or more.

But Val Robus says that whatever about having plans, the real necessity is to have the staff, including consultants, to deal with the backlog.