Sligo SF TD hits out at Varadkar’s ‘early morning’ comments

Martin Kenny has hit out at Leo Varadkar’s comments this week that he will support ‘people who get up early in the morning’.

In a statement today, the Sinn Fein TD says that if he’s chosen as the new leader it represents a further move of the party to the right.

He has brandished the comments “patronising and arrogant” and says the comment is evidence that he knows nothing about the reality of real people’s lives.

The two men who want to take over from Enda Kenny as Fine Gael leader went head to head in a debate last night.

They’ll repeat the performance three more times over the weekend in Cork, Galway and Carlow before a vote is taken.

The vote for Fine Gael Members in the North West is taking place in the Sligo Park Hotel next Thursday, the first of June.