Sligo TD never ‘switched sides’ on leadership vote

Fine Gael TD Tony McLoughlin never changed his mind regarding his support for Leo Varadkar, according to his team.

The Sligo Leitrim TD is under fire today with reports claiming that he is one of the TDs accused of changing his mind after he came out in support of Leo Varadkar last week.

A report in today’s Irish Times names Deputy McLoughlin as one of those who it’s claimed ‘switched’ sides.

However, a spokesperson for Tony McLoughlin has confirmed to Ocean FM News today that he made up his mind on Varadkar based on delivery.

The N4 bypass of Castlebaldwin being finally added to the government’s capital plan, the rollout of the new out of hours GP services in Sligo are just some of the issues that secured for the vote for Varadkar.

However, it’s understood out of respect for Enda Kenny, McLoughlin chose not to declare his support until last week.

Coveney is now under pressure to get at least 6 parliamentary party members to change their mind if he is to win the race.

Asked about the issue on North West today on Ocean FM today – Simon Coveney said while he hopes these TDs will change their mind he denies that he has criticised anyone for their decision: