County Sligo’s rate of urbanisation the fastest in the country

Sligo now has the distinction of having the greatest change in the rate of urbanisation in the country.

The latest census figures show that, in the five years from 2011, the rate of urbanisation in County Sligo went from 37% to 40%.

Of a total population of 65,535 in Sligo in April 2016, almost 40% lived in urban areas, with more than 60% living in rural areas.

This is almost a reverse of the national picture, where more than 62% live in urban areas and just over 37% in rural areas.

Sligo Town had 19,199 persons, while the fastest-growing town in percentage terms was Tubbercurry, which had a 13.7% population growth between 2011 and 2016.

Sligo County Council Director of Services Bartley Gavin says changes such as the rate of urbanisation in County Sligo bring their own challenges: