‘Wealthy have benefitted most from anti-water charges campaign’

New CSO figures show the amount of water used by households throughout Sligo, Leitrim, and Donegal is remarkably similar, with average consumption per day ranging from 348 to 367 litres.

It’s in line with the national average for 2015 which varied from 274 litres to 383 litres.

According to the figures for 2015 from the CSO, the number of domestic water metres in January was almost 520,000, increasing to almost 765,000 by December 2015.

The average consumption per day for Donegal was 356 litres, Leitrim 367 and Sligo 348.

By comparison, for Kerry and Tipperary, it was 430.

It was much higher in areas of Dublin, for example, almost 460 in Dublin 4.

When it comes to the number of metres, the CSO figures for 2015 show there were more than 18,600 in Donegal, over 7,700 in Leitrim and almost 13,000 in Sligo.

Independent Deputy Michael Fitzmaurice says the latest figures from the CSO show that the anti-water charges campaign was of greatest benefit to the wealthy.

Speaking to Ocean FM News, he explains how he came to this conclusion:

Deputy Fitzmaurice repeated his call for the subventions to group schemes to be increased, saying people on these projects have been paying for years while the wealthiest people in society will not now have to pay.