Bundoran RNLI Lifeboat assist in dive boat rescue

The Volunteer crew of Bundoran RNLI Lifeboat assisted in the rescue of a dive boat with 4 people on board.

Malin Head Coast Guard received the call at around 1.50pm yesterday afternoon who requested the immediate launch of The Bundoran Lifeboat and Killybegs Coast Guard Rib.  The Bundoran lifeboat was on the water at 2pm and arrived at the dive boat soon after which was about a mile north of Bullockmore.  The killybegs Coast Guard Rib then took the dive boat to Killybegs Harbour.

Volunteer Lifeboat Crew member with Bundoran RNLI, Richard Gillespie, said that the people on board were “absolutely correct” to call the Coast Guard.  He further said that he encourages people to contact the Coast Guard on the first sign of a problem.