Irish Water defends capacity for developments in Sligo

Irish Water says it is satisfied that there is adequate capacity for current demand and for future development in Sligo.

It follows claims by a Sligo/Leitrim TD that the shutting down one of two water treatment plants in Sligo this June will result in lack of capacity for new companies or additional development.

In a detailed response to Ocean FM News following the claims by Fianna Fail Deputy Marc MacSharry, Irish Water says it is taking an overall approach to ensure there is adequate capacity for Sligo.

And it says this covers three areas: rationalisation of treatment plants, the upgrade of the modern Foxes Den plant in Sligo and works to reduce leakage and demand.

Irish Water says the current treatment process at Cairns Hill risks failing to meet required standards and is on an EPA list for improvement.

It says €3 million investment in the Sligo and Environs Water Supply Scheme will benefit 33,000 consumers,

It also says it will ensure a more sustainable water supply for about 11,000 people currently served by the Cairns Hill plant.

Works taking place at present will see the upgrade of the Foxes Den plant and the decommissioning of Cairns Hill.

Last November, in a letter to Fine Gael Deputy Tony McLoughlin, Irish Water said that only after the upgrading of Foxes Den will Cairns Hill be shut down.

And, responding to Deputy MacSharry’s claims this week, Irish Water says the upgrading of Foxes Den will ensure that the plant can meet current water demand while also providing capacity to meet future development needs.