Ballygawley postal service secure for now says An Post

An Post has confirmed that postal services in Ballygawley, Co. Sligo, are secure until at least the end of May.

It comes as the Irish Postmasters Union hold a protest outside the GPO in Dublin at an internal An Post review which could see up to 200 offices closed.


The postmistress in Ballygawley has been working on an open ended contract since taking over the service on an interim basis following the death of the postmaster in late 2016.

A decision on the permanent future of the service has been due from An Post since the end of a period of public consultation before Christmas.

Today the semi-state company confirmed to both Sinn Fein councillor Thomas Healy and the Save Ballygawley Post Office Community group that no decision will be made until after an internal review.

That is expected to be completed by the end of May.

Spokesperson for the community group Thomas Walsh says it’s the best they are going to get for now.

Meanwhile, Postmasters from across the country protested in Dublin this morning at the review which could see up to 200 services shut down.

The Irish Postmasters Union say they would rather see the Kerr report, which suggested the closure of 80 services, implemented.

Breid Gallagher is the North West representative to the Irish Postmasters Union and she says the company is ignoring the needs of postmasters and communities.