Lost money on Spanish property? There may be a chance to get it back

People from the region who lost a deposit for a property in Spain during the boom years may now have a chance to get that money back.

A court ruling in Spain has ruled that the banks there now have an obligation to pay back that money to foreign investors.

During the Celtic Tiger years here in Ireland many people around the country invested in spanish properties.

But when the crash came both here and in Spain many of those properties were never built and some people lost thousands of euros in deposits.

Pauline McDonagh, a retired Garda detective from Sligo is one of those people who lost her money but she is now working with the Claims Bureau and a Spanish solicitor who are using these new laws to try and get refunds for Irish people who have lost money.

Pauline is urging people to get in contact with her and she emphasises that this relates to Spanish properties only: