Significant amount of Leitrim land bought by forestry companies in 2016

A new land report shows that a significant amount of land sold in Leitrim last year was bought by forestry companies.

The 2016 Irish Farmers Journal Land Price Report reveals average national agricultural prices fell by 1.6% to around €8,700 an acre.

There’s been an 11% drop in prices in the last two years but property editor with the IFJ Shirley Busteed says despite the drop the market is strong.

The market in Sligo remained much the same with an average land price of around €6000 an acre.

There was a 5% increase in prices in Donegal where the report shows there appears to a shortage of good quality land.

Leitrim, however, has the least expensive land in the country now with an average price of €4500 an acre.

But, in line with local fears, it appears that forestry companies are snapping up a significant portion of land in the county – Shirley Busteed says marginalised land is getting a good price at present: