Coveney says Kenny should be allowed leave in time of his own choosing

Minister Simon Coveney says he doesn’t believe the effort by some people to ‘fasttrack’ the selection of a new Fine Gael leader is the proper approach.

Speaking to Ocean FM News in Sligo today, Minister Coveney says he trusts Taoiseach Enda Kenny to make the decision to step down ‘in his own time’.

He added that he thinks it’s wrong that the Taoiseach is being given ultimatums.
Minister Coveney is in Sligo today to turn the sod for a new 22-unit housing scheme at Fr O Flanagan Terrace and for the regional launch of the Ireland 2040 National Planning Framework.

But it was Minister Coveney’s expected candidacy to succeed Taoiseach Enda Kenny as Fine Gael leader that was on the minds of most people.

Minister Coveney says that since the Taoiseach has said he will not lead Fine Gael into the next election, there is an acceptance there will be a leadership contest.

But he said people people should not confuse what had been a difficult week for the government with an imminent challenge to Enda Kenny’s leadership.

Asked by Ocean FM News if he thought the desire for a change of leader was widespread within Fine Gael, this was his response.

Whatever about Minister Coveney’s diplomatic approach to what is now an inevitable — and perhaps not too far away — change in leadership, he refused to be drawn on his personal aspirations.

Questioned as what attributes he would bring to the job, this is what he had to say.