IBEC says Tesco strike is ‘unreasonable’

Employers group IBEC has described the industrial action by the Mandate union against Tesco as an ‘entirely unreasonable move against a good employer.’

IBEC says Tesco has ‘thoroughly engaged’ with its employees and has followed the recommendations of the Labour Court.

Fourteen workers from the Sligo branch of Tesco have joined their colleagues on the picket line in Longford as part of the ongoing industrial action over proposed changes to contracts of long-serving workers.

A strike in Sligo couldn’t go ahead as planned because of what Mandate described as ‘a technical error’ in the original ballot for the strike.

Those workers, as well as workes in Ballina, are to be balloted again.

Tesco itself says its stores remain open despite what it described as an ‘unjustified strike.’

It has urged Mandate’s leadership to use its influence to achieve acceptance of the Labour Court recommendation which, it says, the union itself had sought.