IBEC North West calls for equal sharing of economic growth

IBEC North West is calling for a speeding up of the National Planning Framework to deal with what it describes as the growing infrastructure imbalances in the region.

IBEC, which represents business, has called for economic growth to be shared equally across the country in the new 2017 Local Economic Indicators Report, published today.

The new report, ‘Doing Business Locally,’ is aimed at local policy and busines leaders in Donegal, Sligo, and Leitrim.

IBEC says economic growth must be shared across the country and that policy makers must ensure the right conditions exist at local level to allow the entire country to succeed.


New figures show a record level of exports for 2016.

According to the CSO – Ireland exported goods worth almost 117 billion euro last year – an increase of 4 percent on 2015.

The largest increase was of electrical machinery, apparatus and appliances followed by organic chemicals.

At the same time exports to the UK dropped by almost half a billion euro last year, while imports from our nearest neighbours also decreased.