Suitable measures to prevent flooding expected in Spring

A list of suitable measures to prevent flooding in the future is expected to be known this Spring.

It’s part of the process of the CFRAMs study which aims to manage and prevent flooding in line with EU guidelines.


The implementation of the study in Ireland is well behind schedule.

However, the Office of Public Works has confirmed to Ocean FM News that the first measures to be recommended will be made known this Spring.

However, these will be draft plans and would take money and time to be put in place, however it is hoped that the recommendations would prevent flooding which devastated areas near rivers in Donegal town, around Sligo town, south Sligo and many parts of Leitrim as well last winter.

A series of public consultations were held before Christmas in the north west.

The OPW has confirmed that almost half of this were made in the midlands, west and border region.

542 submissions have been received to date and 229 of these relate to counties within the North-West Neagh Bann, Western and Shannon river basin districts.

The Office of Public Works says the plans are now being finalised and they will contain a prioritised list of feasible measures, both structural and non-structural, to address flood risk in an environmentally sustainable and cost effective manner.