Local councillor wants a better welcome for visitors on Sligo roads

A local councillor wants to see more work take place to make the roundabouts along the Collooney bypass more welcoming to motorists coming into Sligo.

Sinn Fein’s Thomas Healy raised the issue at this month’s meeting of the county council.

He says the roundabout at the junction of the N17 and N4 at Collooney is the first one motorists visiting Sligo arrive at and it should be more welcoming than it currently is.

The councillor wants to see the tidy towns given permission to look after the roundabouts and their upkeep but was told by the council that for health and safety reasons that is not allowed.

Director of the Environment with the council Tom Kilfeather has agreed to meet with Collooney tidy towns for ideas but told councillor Healy any work must be undertaken by the council.

Speaking to Ocean FM Thomas Healy says the idea of sponsorship for the upkeep of the roundabouts was mooted.