Deadline nears for submissions on reuniting County Donegal for elections

A member of the campaign to reunite Donegal for election purposes says people in the south of the county feel that, at present, they are ‘in no man’s land.’

Part of South Donegal are now in with the Sligo/Leitrim constituency, which also includes part of West Cavan.

Earlier this week, in a submission to the commisison examining constituency boundaries, Fianna Fail Deputy Marc MacSharry proposed that Sligo/Leitrim should be one constituency with four seats; Cavan/Monaghan one constituency with five seats; and Donegal two constituencies with three seats each.

People can make submissions to the Constituencies Commission before next Tuesday, 10th of January.

Valerie McNulty, of the campaign to have the South Donegal area now in Sligo/Leitrim returned to County Donegal, says the current situation is not working.