Bird flu outbreak has potential to ‘decimate’ local economies

The growth of the poultry industry is under serious threat as a result of the Bird Flu.

The Department of the Environment has a regulation in place since the end of December for all birds to be housed indoors as a result of the H5N8 strain of this flu which has been prevalent in Europe since the end of October.

One confirmed case was detected in Wexford on the 28th of December and the Irish Farmers Association says it fears there could be more birds infected.

There is also a warning for anyone who keeps hens in the backyard for non-commercial reasons and who may not be registered with the Department to also beware and house their bird indoors even in a shed.

Speaking to Ocean FM News, Nigel Reneghan, Poultry Chairman with the IFA, says the industry is growing in areas like the north west.

He says it would have a major impact on local economies if this flu spreads: