Sligo University Hospital to join ‘Green Campus Programme’

Sligo University Hospital registered to join the An Taisce Green Campus Programme in early December, becoming only the second hospital campus to register for the programme in the country after Cork University Hospital. Affiliated with NUI Galway, Sligo University Hospital features a medical academy on site and a dedicated Green-Campus Committee of staff and students ready to take on the Green Campus programme and apply it to their site. The programme primarily aims to ensure that members of a campus community can engage in a meaningful way to enhance sustainability on their campus. Green Campus is designed to reward long term commitment to continuous improvement in sustainability from all its campus community members.
The Green-Campus Programme is based on the successful Green-Schools Programme and provides an ideal way for fostering environmental awareness in a third level institution in a way that links to everyday activities and study, and ties in with operational requirements of a complex multi-use facility such as Sligo University Hospital.

The process will require Sligo University Hospital/Medical Academy to follow a 7 Step Process which includes:

  • Establishing and gathering baseline data on energy and water usage, along with the amount of waste generated and recycled
  • Creating and implementing plans to promote sustainability and reduce the environmental impact of Sligo University Hospital/Medical Academy
  • Enabling student learning and leadership

Grainne McCann, General Manager, Sligo University Hospital said, “While environmental initiatives have been on-going in SUH for many years, this co-ordinated approach ensures that we capture what has been taking place and what still needs to be done. This will result in SUH maximising our commitment to sustainable healthcare and the Green Campus Programme.”