Naughten to bring forward legislation to scrap plans for pay-by-weight bin charges

It’s reported this morning that pay-by-weight bin charges won’t now kick in next month.

The system where people would pay for their waste by the kilo was unveiled during the summer, sparking major public outcry.

However, many areas in the north west including most of county Leitrim already have this system in place.

The voter backlash against this scheme saw the government put a freeze on bills until next summer.

The plan then was to apply dual bills from January, allowing people to opt into the new scheme before July.

However the system is now being seen as too inflexible and more time is to be given to coming up with a range of pricing options.

Groups representing the elderly, people with medical requirements and the wider consumer sector will also be consulted.

Communications Minister Denis Naughten will deliver the message to his cabinet colleagues today.