Donegal man found NOT guilty by reason of insanity

The siblings of a Donegal man who killed their parents during a psychotic episode have warned others about the dangers of not seeking help.

Julian Cuddihy, who suffers from paranoid schizophrenia, attacked them with an axe at the family home in Churchtown, Carndonagh in October 2014.

Julian Cuddihy killed his parents with an axe on Oct 22nd 2014 because he heard his mother’s voice in his head asking him to help them get to heaven.

In the lead up to that tragic night, he had become increasingly paranoid and was having regular hallucinations.

He was convinced the IRA was trying to recruit him and refused to eat at home because he believed his mother was trying to poison him.

His family were concerned about his mental health at the time and it emerged during the trial that his father cancelled an appointment with local mental health services just a few days before the killings.

He was found NOT guilty by reason of insanity earlier today.

A short statement issued on behalf of the Cuddihys reads:  decisive actions were not taken which would have prevented this tragedy and finishes by urging other families with similar concerns about the mental wellbeing of a family member to seek  timely assistance and intervention .