Sinn Fein TD makes allegations of garda malpractice in Leitrim

A Sinn Fein TD has made serious allegations of garda malpractice in Leitrim.

In the Dail today Martin Kenny made the allegations which include allegations of members of the force engage active criminals as informants, running their own informants outside the CHIS (Covert Handling of Intelligence Sources) programme and use of informers to set up or entrap people.

Deputy Kenny was speaking during the debate on the O’Higgins report and said he wanted a commission of investigation into garda malpractice in the Leitrim District.

At the outset he said he wanted to clarify that the vast majority of guards are doing their job honestly and diligently.

However he said he wanted to use the debate to raise issues of alleged Garda malpractice that have been brought to his attention by whistle blowers, both serving gardaí and former gardaí: